CD Mosaic Table




Introduction: CD Mosaic Table

We were going to throw out a bunch of old CD's when I remembered we had this coffee table sitting on the back porch gathering dust... Very happy with the end result!

Step 1: Getting Down to Business

Once I had sanded the table down a bit I painted it black. Then I got to cutting up the CD's, this was actually harder than I thought, you need strong, sharp scissors! (Some CD's would not cut they sort of splintered, generally the rewritable ones, I gave up trying with those and threw them out)

Step 2: Putting the Puzzle Together

I arranged a small section of the CD pieces at a time and used a small spot of glue on the back to keep it in place. Slowly the table came to life.

Step 3: Finishing

To seal without losing or dulling the reflecting surface of the CDs I used 2 part epoxy resin. I was worried as I had never used this before but it was really easy.

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    I've been trying to cut my cds using all the suggestions I can find online and nothing is working. I've boiled them for 10 mins, put them in the freezer for 10 mins and even put painters tape on them and cut where the tape was but they keep cracking. I've used garden shears and kitchen shears, do you have any other suggestions? Maybe one brand or type that works best as I have a wide variety of cds and perhaps I may have some already. Thank you.

    stunning! I've also tried old cd diy crafts with students, and yes, they can be a pain to cut! Your labor is appreciated! Thanks for sharing!

    Wow, that table looks fabulous! TYSM, voted & favorited, GOOD LUCK!

    I always loved the redone CD things. Nice Work!

    I've been meaning to try this for ages. Thanks for the tips.

    Great looking table design. I think that this would be especially good for an outdoor table where it can really catch the sunlight.

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    yes its hard to capture the reflections in a photo but it looks great when the light shines on it