CD Shruiken

Introduction: CD Shruiken

For the awesome CD shruiken all you need is a sharpie, blank CD, scissors, hot glue and aluminum foil

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Step 1: Step 1

Take the CD and outline the shruiken pattern on it

Step 2: Step 2

Take the scissors and begin cutting

Step 3: Step 3

Once ur done cutting out the outline of the shruiken the top layer (shiny part) of the CD should peel off. Take the layer off and u should have a transparent layer below you will only need this.

Step 4: Step 4

Get the hot glue gun and tin foil ready for this part. Once the lie gun warms up start glueing the tin foil onto the star. BE CAREFUL THE TIN FOIL WILL BE HOT!

Step 5:

Once you glue both ends of the CD shruiken make a little tin foil burrito. After that press down and make creases then begin cutting it out

Step 6: Final Product

Your final product should look something like what's pictured below thanks for checking this out!

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