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Intro: CD Table

The original table wasn't this pretty and took two weeks of work as time allowed before the finished product was revealed.

Step 1: Found This Old Table in the Barn and Used It To...

I discovered this table in the barn and used it as a drink table for a picnic. Covering it with a table cloth to hide the ugly, I almost threw it away after the picnic but decided to try and give it a new life.

Step 2: After Many Scrubbings I Primed It

I primed the table with a KILZ primer and hoped for the best. It wasn't the result I was looking for and knew more coats of primer were in my future

Step 3: Two Coats of Primer

I took two coats of primer before it was ready for a regular latex pain.

Step 4: Many Many Cd's Later

I painfully (blisters to prove it) cut probably 50 cd's (a spindle) using poultry scissors to get enough to completely cover the table. Each piece was laid out on the table before I glued it to determine the best pattern.

Step 5: Pieces Glued and Ready for Epoxy

I glued down each piece with Elmer's glue and let it set over night. I then polished the pieces to remove fingerprints and took an air compressor to blow off any dust.

Step 6: Epoxy Poured

The table was then taped with a heavy duty duct tape along the edges to form a barrier for the epoxy. Please read the instructions carefully when working with the epoxy.

Step 7: The Epoxy Cured for Two Days

Once the epoxy cured for two days I removed the duct tape and touched up the sides where some of the painted had peeled off. The table was ready to go and had been given and second chance. I was pretty pleased with the results considering this was my first attempt at a CD table or working with epoxy. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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    6 Discussions


    Question 2 days ago on Step 7

    Where are the directions located? I wanted to read about epoxy


    2 days ago

    Very cool table!!


    19 days ago

    I love it. I made a kitchen backsplash with old CDs. :) This looks very nice. Hope your blisters heal well ;)

    1 reply

    Reply 18 days ago

    Thanks. Would love to see pictures of the backsplash


    20 days ago

    What an amazing result! I always love the colors and designs that broken CDs can give.

    1 reply

    Reply 20 days ago

    Thanks for the compliment. I saw a similar process on YouTube and thought I'd try it