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Introduction: CD Table

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In this instructable I'll tell you how to make a table out of a old cd and a few dead batteries I guess you could use it as a doll table or a table for small sandwiches or knick knacks or something ^_^

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Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need is

1. a cd blank or a old scratched one (I used one I accidentally made 2 of)
2. 3 or more dead batteries (we dont want live ones in case acid leaks)
3. Super glue

Step 2: Mark Your Legs

Make sure to mark where you want your table legs to go (I had to eyeball it bacause my marks were a bit off)

Step 3: Gluing

Make sure your legs are where you want them to go then apply some super glue to the bottom of the BATTERY not the cd

Note: Make sure to glue the flat side (negative side) so (a) it will work and (b) the little nubs (the positive side) will act as sliders or supports and it just looks better that way ^_^

Step 4: Decorate! 8D

Nows the fun part, you decorate it I used acrylic paints but you could use paint glitter paper electronic parts whatever as long as it can be glued down and wont break the cd
 (yeah I set out some sketches for viewing you can see them at in my gallery)

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