CD Case Storage for Router & Drill Bits




Introduction: CD Case Storage for Router & Drill Bits

Reuse empty CD cases to store router and drill bits in your workshop

Step 1: Cutting the Circle

I cut the circle on my  table saw. Do this at your own risk as the table saw is a dangerous tool.. There are videos in youtube showing how to do this but anyway  I'm uploading my photos here. I started nailing a nail at 62mm from the saw kerf in a small table saw sled. Then I cut the nail head and filed it to a point. I cut a 65 mm square from a piece of MDF and draw the diagonals to mark the center. I pushed the square center over the nail until it  seated fully on the sled.

Step 2: Start Cutting

I started  cutting the 4 angles to have an octagon. I found this cuts to be the most difficult as the saw tends to move the wood but holding it firmly against the sled witha push pad made it easier.

Step 3: Turning and Cutting

Turning the MDF a bit every time  I kept cutting the points until it had no more points and looked like a circle.

Step 4: Center Hole

I used a Forstner bit to cut the center hole.  

Step 5: Drill 1/4 " Holes

I drilled  8   1/4 " holes for my router bits and this is it!  I plan to do another one to store drill bits.
I hope someone will find this useful and perhaps improve the idea. Regards!



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    16 Discussions

    That is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Very cool Nice use for a CD Case.

    I'm definitely making one TODAY! sooooo useful and love the recyling aspect

    I have very very limited walking space in my shop. I also wanted to try this saw technic

    Unless it was the only suitably sized bit available, I don't see why a forstner bit was used.
    Nice idea though.

    Absolutely awesome Instructable, now I can use all of those cd tubs i have been saving. Thanks "T"

    Indeed, you're not limited to just router bits either. Screw driver bits, drill bits. All manner of bits and blades neatly confined. Awesome!

    Very nice.

    In place of the wood, some sore of high density, stiff foam might work (could be cut, trimmed etc. with a knife.

    GENIUS! I think that there should be an Instructables CD case contest if there hasn't been one already...

    This one would certainly get my vote. And the idea is just as adaptable to other clear bins (food containers, storage tubs, etc.) Gonna have to break out my loose router and drill bits and get cracking on this!