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Introduction: CD Holder for Your Car Visor

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Most cars now probably have a way to plug in your MP3 players but if not, here is an easy way to make a visor CD carrier to keep favorite CDs handy.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Three or more coordinated fabrics, enough to make a back and 9 or 10 pockets to hold CDs, probably less than 1/3 of a yard of each fabric.
  • Buckram to stiffen the cd holder and denim or triggar fabric, also to pad, support the cd holder, the pieces I needed were 14.5" by 6" this can be a scrap or about an 8th of a yard if you have to purchase it.
  • Extra wide, double fold bias tape in a color to match or contrast your coordinated fabrics
  • 1 inch wide elastic about 12 - 15 inches, depends on the size of your visor
  • Scissors, thread, needle if sewing by hand, sewing machine, something to measure with and an iron and ironing board.
This photo shows the back piece, the canvas (under the back piece),  the buckram, elastic strips and the 9 pressed pockets.  Not shown, sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, and bias tape and flat piece used on the back of the first pocket.

Step 2: Prep


1.  Measure your visor.  I drive a small car so the visor is 14.5" by 6".

2. Cut one coordinated fabric piece 14.5" by 6".  This is the back cover.

3. Cut a thicker fabric the same size, I used a scrap of trigger; you could use denim or canvas.  It can be any color, it is just to give more support to the CD carrier and does not show.

4. Cut one more fabric the same size.  I used crinoline but I was looking for buckram, the same fabric you might use in the bill of a hat.  I purchased a quarter yard and have extra if I want to make another cd carrier.

5.  Cut your coordinated fabrics in 10x6 inch rectangles, (I used 11x6 rectangles and they are just a little big).  Fold in half so they are now 5" by 6" and press.  I made 10 of these pressing one flat and folding 9. (Mine were also 5.5 by 6")

Step 3: Construction

1. Place the 14.5x6" coordinated fabric right side down and cover the wrong side with the buckram, then the canvas or trigger fabric.  Smooth

2. Lay the unfolded 10x6 inch rectangle on the top, aligning with the right side and smooth the fabric.

3. Measure down one inch from the right edge and place one of the folded and pressed pocket pieces.  Make sure the folded and pressed edge is the side one inch from the right edge and the raw edges face the left side of the 14.5x6" stack.  Pin to secure placement then sew about a quarter inch up from the raw edge.

4. Measure down one inch from the top of the first pocket and place the second pocket over the first.  Again, be sure the pressed edge is on the right side and one inch down from the first pocket top.  Pin to secure placement and sew the raw edge about one quarter inch up from the raw edge.

5. Continue placing the pockets with the folded edge on the right side, securing the placement and sewing the raw edge to the 14.5x6" pieces.  I had room for 9 pockets, but if you make the pockets slightly smaller, ten or more may fit nicely.

6. Once all of the pockets are placed, cut two one inch pieces of elastic long enough to support the cd holder on the visor.  I cut my elastic about 6.5", this is just slightly longer than the CD carrier was wide.  The width of your visor may make a difference.  Pin these in place.

7. Baste (sew using a large stitch length) the sides and top through all thickness.

8. Sew the extra wide, double fold bias tape around the outer edge, securing all raw edges and the elastic.

9. Place on visor with your favorite cds.

Step 4: What I Did That I Would Change

I made the pockets 5.5 inches deep.  If I did this again I would make the pockets no more than 5 inches deep and maybe only 4.5: deep.  I might also make it only 5.5" wide instead of 6" wide.  It only needs to be wide enough to hold the CDs tightly.  When I cut and pressed the pockets I wanted to be sure I had it wide enough and it was plenty wide.  This change might make the elastic need to be slightly longer to reach around the visor.  If I had eleastic the same color as the visor I would have used that, but my car is gray and I have not seen any gray elastic.

This project is very easy. It could be a good learn to sew project or a gift for a friend.  If you have access to scrap fabric cost could be nearly zero. If you had to purchase everything new the cost would be about 20.00 or less, especially if you only purchased small amounts of fabric on sale or with a coupon.

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    2 Discussions

    Phil B
    Phil B

    7 years ago on Introduction

    My wife gave me one of these in a commercially produced version. It was very handy and worked very well. Eventually the elastic bands weakened and stretched. I have wondered if non-elastic straps with Velcro closures might be a good thing in place of the elastic.

    Mama Reni
    Mama Reni

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, probably better than the elastic and maybe even more color choices.