CD Litecube




Introduction: CD Litecube

Recycle CD case plastic and pimp your crib!
keep a lot of junk handy, like those nice square plastic CD cases, they come with art that fits inside!

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Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

it is going to take 2 1/2 good CD cases to make one cube, pick out your favorite art, and best looking cases, if the cases are the same, they fit together real nice. the art must be white on the inside, to look good when the light is on , (picture on the outside only!) a copy will work.
this reqires a hobby knife and glue, i used 4 small drops of superbonder on the art,
I used a small amount of epoxy for the case and top.
and you will need some kind of a light, LEDs would be cool, I found some old Xmas lights and recycled them, DON'T USE ANYTHING TOO BIG, or you'll set the house on fire!

Step 2: Glue It Together

carfully bond the art , upside-right , inside cases, using 4 teeny drops of superbonder.
while this is drying, cut holes in the case backs you are going to use for the top, for your electricity to go thru . I used a hot knife a method as primative as it is dangerous! The preferred method would be to use a LASER CUTTER.

Step 3: Bond Case Halves

Now bond the case halves using a little clear epoxy on the mating edges, glue the top on, when that is dry you can insert the light, (mine came with a handy clip!)

Step 4: Wait Theres More!

you can plug this in and show it to the wife now, or ........if you happen to have a blowdart tube that got bent in a camping accident, RECYCLE IT! make more cubes for a ROCKIN tracklight!

Step 5: Enjoy


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    10 years ago on Step 4

    Track light, sweet pun =)

    Nice idea, I should dig into my dad's audio collection.