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I got hold of an old hardback text book and converted it into a CD & DVD disc holder. I used a book, some double-sided tape, CD/DVD disc sleeves and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Find a Hard Back Book That It Big Enough.

I selected a book that would hold two CD sleeves one on top of the other.

Step 2: Supplies

Here are all the tools and supplies I used.

Step 3: Plan How to Mount the CD Sleeves

You have to accomodate the thickness of two CD's and the sleeve when mounting the sleeves. I determined that a sleeve with 2 CD's was the same as 38 pages of the book. So I started at the end of the book and came forward 18 pages and mounted the first sleeve. Then I came forward 36 pages and mounted the next and so on. Take the total # of pages your book has and divide it by the # of pages that equal the thickness of the your sleeve and 2 CD's. you'll have play around with placement before deciding exactly where to place each sleeve in relation to the book and the cut book pages.

Step 4: Cut Away the Pages

You've got to cut away the pages to accomodate the CD sleeves. I made the cut so that the edge of the cut pages meets up with the inside of the CD sleeve 'hinge' and allows the outside edge of the CD sleeve to go to where the outside edge of the page WAS. I did not cut the first 5 or so pages as well as the last 5 or so pages of the book

Step 5: Tape Up All the CD Sleeves

Put double-sided tape (DST) on all of the CD sleeves on the 'hinge' area. Keep the DST covering on till it is time to mmount each one.

Step 6: Taping the Sleeve

Putting DST on the first side of the sleeve hinge.

Step 7: Trimming the DST

Cuttign the excess DST from the sleeve.

Step 8: Sleeve All Taped Up and Ready to Be Mounted

Here is a sleeve with both sides of the 'hinge' taped up. Keep the tape backing on till it is time to mount. Tape all the sleeves before mounting, it's easier that way.

Step 9: A Few Sleeves Added.

Here I've added a few sleeves.

Step 10: More Sleeves...

Here is a side view of the sleeves being inserted.

Step 11: Another Finished Photo...


Step 12: Done

I got all the sleeves in. 9 pages of sleeves with each page holding 4 CD's, 36 total. The book was $1.00 at a local thrift store. I got 200 sleeves at Comp USA for $15.00. I needed the sleeves anyway and got the idea when I got home.

Step 13: Still Done...

Another finished photo...



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    10 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea! You could do it less expensively, and be green, by picking up some old cd holders at a thrift shop and taking the pages out, being sure the pages will come out with enough room left to mount them. Of course, you could put the adhesive on the back of the cd holder instead of the hinge, leaving the entire page for each cd in place. I like it, it's much more interesting than the books you can buy.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    couldn't you put the sleeves closer together to get more sleeves in the book?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. What we need here, I think, is a competition for the most ridiculous book converted. I'm going straight down the charity shops NOW. (Let's face it. It has to be the "Guiness book of records") Thanks


    12 years ago

    I like this idea. One could modify this with photo sleeves for a photo album, or to store small picture elements for scrapbooking or collage work.


    12 years ago

    Thanks for the comments. I got the bulk sleeves at Comp USA, 200 of them for 14.99. This was my first Instructable, I thought I cold rearrange the order of the slides but found that it was really difficult or just doesn't work (I'm even a Software Dev. Eng. and I did go to 'Edit' mode) so I just left them in the order they were in since it really is a cake project, basically on the same level as a craft. After this one I could do another in about 1/3 the time and make it better.


    12 years ago

    Where do you buy bulk CD/DVD sleeves? Oh, and what a great idea! I've got several candidates for books - much better than the cheap 10$US one I just bought from Wally World.


    12 years ago

    It could have been easier to understand if you had the images in the right order.

    Anyway, good work ! =)