CDROM Brushless Moter Run

Introduction: CDROM Brushless Moter Run

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you can run CD rom moter with external power source with the help of moter driver ic datasheet..

Step 1: Moter Driver

if the uper side of ic is like this , this will b moter driver now next step is is ic driver number

Step 2: Ic Moter Driver Number

this is tha ic number

Step 3: Now Find Data Sheet

mostly this ic is use for brush less moter in cd room BD7902CFS

Step 4: Read Tha Data Sheet

page number 12 u can see how to run this moter there are 2 terminal but we use 23 only for standby moter run

Step 5: Connection

you can give up to 2volt for standby moter run to pin number 23

Step 6: For Speed Higher

now same as pin 23 connection to 24 give 3.3 voltage

Step 7: Powering the Ic

give power supply to this board

Step 8: Moter Is Perfect Running

power increase or decrease will speed low and high of moter which connected to vcc of ic given in datasheet
its up to 7,000 RPM now u can make your own quardcopter or what ever you want with out esc..
if you want to make esc with this run with PWM signal wait for my next project with op amp

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