CD's Coasters for Christmas



Introduction: CD's Coasters for Christmas

An easy DIY recycle with CD's for this Christmas.

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Step 1: Materials

• Old CDs

• Leftover christmas wrapping paper

• Acrylic Paint White

• A small piece of cardboard

• Transparent Paper Tapestry

• Permanent Markers

• Decorative Elements (Stickers, etc)

• Glue

Step 2:

With two small cardboard circles cover the hole of each CD.

Step 3:

Painting with Acrylic painting White (2 hands, letting it dry between each).

Step 4:

Cut and paste a circle of christmas wrapping paper.

Step 5:

Cut a circle of transparent Paper Tapestry and paste on the wrapping paper.

Step 6:

Decorate yourself the another side with Markers, Stickers and your imagination.

Step 7: ​And Ready! You Have a Cute Gift to Give at Christmas. for More Information Check the Video ;)

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