C.E.V.I.N. (3' 6")

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This is more of a showcase than a tutorial, but you are more than welcome to attempt to create this yourself! I have another project on C.E.V.I.N. that mentions a much larger version. This is what I was talking about. Below are the files you should use to build your very own C.E.V.I.N. These include the 3D model (.dae Collada file), two Pepakura files (.pdos for the large and small version) and a .pdf (for the smaller version of this model). If you want a SketchUp file or different 3D format, please let me know and I will personally send it to you

I've entered this model in the Halloween Decor Contest. If you like this project, please vote for it!.

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Step 1: The Design and Build Process

As a final art project in school, we had to take something we did previously that year and make it better. I decided to take one of my sketches and turn in into a 3-Dimensional model. I used SketchUp to model it and Pepakura Designer to turn it into a 2-Dimensional layout. I printed on 11"x17" sheets of paper at my school library and mounted the sheets onto chipboard sheets with adhesive spray. I recommend you do the same. (The .pdf file is already sized for 11x17 so you just need to print them). I then cut out the pieces and brought them to school to assemble them with (lots and lots and lots of) hot glue. I worked in the hall and got a lot of questions (mostly asking if I was building "The Death Star"). C.E.V.I.N. took me almost 3 weeks to complete and I was even given an extension for taking so much initiative and working hard (even though I found this much easier than painting a huge "copy" of my sketch).

Step 2: Where Did He Go?

When completed I had to store it at school by keeping the two halves of it separated. When it was time to bring it home I had to get a ride in our van rather than carrying it a few locks home. It took a lot of damage by the time we got it there though. And I had to reassemble chunks of it. Now C.E.V.I.N. moves from room to room trying to find a place where he is accepted and can stay without getting in anybody's way. This is difficult when you are 3'6" tall and have a diameter of over 2 feet! I never want to get rid of him... unless I burn him (like Visual Spicer did), or sell him...

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    If you're interested I would love to provide them to you. The reason I didn't include them was because they weren't easy to follow and I wanted to redesign their layout first, but if you feel up to it, I will send them. I have a .pdo and a pdf. Would you like both or are you just speaking for everyone in the future?