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Possessing Storex Club-U2, I saw this last one fallen out of a single blow. Never fallen, no shock.

By opening the structure ( the black case), I notice that the card controller of the hard disk has a chip which is burned out, it is about the chip ha13645 which is in fact an amplifier.

For information, Storex Club-U2 contains a hard disk Samsung HD400LD.

Now, by calling all the stores of electronics, the chip is not sold and it is necessary to pass by specialists in IT electronics.
After some searches, the chip is available … In Japan …

I make some estimate and I see that the prices vary from $3 to $21!!!

We do not thus know which is right, and if we are going to receive the product, best thus is to find a card identical controller.

It is also necessary to know that when we want to replace a flea(chip), it is necessary to weld with the warm air(sight). Thus an additional investment in the material(equipment).

The best solution remains the card controller, by contacting Storex, these last ones told me to contact Samsung, Samsung suggested me sending the disk with an estimate for repair (Samsung does not sell a card controller), and fixed prices has exorbitant prices: 130€ without guarantee of repair, and recovery of the data which can go to 950€!

Thus, I look for the same disk and ô surprised! A hard disk in 33€ of the same brand on Ebay.

The repair would thus be less expensive.

Here is thus the tutoriel which will allow you to make it, and moreover, there is for 5 minutes!

By counting postal charges, the repair of my disk has me cost 40€ and 5 minutes of patience, and it works again very well !

I also think, to sell the new disk with thea old card controller, because the disk is impeccable, what will reduce the cost of the change.

Thus here is the procedure to follow …

Step 1: 1. Equipment

1 screwdriver Torx 9x40

1 hard disk Samsung HD400LD new or second-hand but thus the card controller is first-class

Your hard disk of the same mark(brand) thus the card(map) controller is to change.

Step 2: 1st Step - Dismantling of Cards Controllers

Take your screwdriver Torx 9x40

Locate 4 screws to remove on the card controller defective

Undo them without forcing, there is a small pressure to be put at the beginning but it is useless to force

To remove  the card, nothing more simple, it is enough to take the low part (in brown) and to lift it.

Step 3: 2nd Stage - Dismantling of the Second Card Controller

Locate again 4 screws, and repeat the same operation as on the first disk

We thus have at the moment, two hard disks thus cards controllers were removed.

Step 4: 3rd Step - Implementation of the New Card Controller

Get back the new card controller and place on the hard disk.

Locate again the places of screws.

To place screwsthem in places and tighten the whole.

Your disk is repaired!

You can download the pdf here : (French version)

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    That was a very creative and lucky repair. I would consider the hard disk to be on its last leg and would load all of the irreplacable data onto CD's or onto another NEW hard disk. Always store pictures and other data on 2 drives, or on a CD/dvd disk so when a hard disk dies, you only lost the replacable programs, not your personal stuff that is irreplacable.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    This instructable is for show how to change a card controller, but I'm agree with you, your data must be burn on others support : usb drive, CD, DVD etc.