I had a lot of books in storage and needed to find a shelving solution that was affordable and non-toxic. The answer? Industrial shelving from Home Depot (or other retailers, including Target). For a fraction of what traditional bookshelves cost, you can have long-lasting, durable, non-toxic shelving!

Materials I used:

+ Home Depot HDX 3-Shelf and 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Units in Black

+ IKEA Variera Shelf Liner

+ Commercial Electric 8 in. UV Cable Ties - Black


+ Swingline desktop 3-hole punch

+ Scissors

Step 1: Cut Shelf Liner.

Cut the shelf liner to fit the shelves.

Step 2: Punch Holes in Shelf Liner.

Using a hole punch, punch holes in the shelf liner to prepare for attachment to the shelving unit.

Step 3: Zip-tie Shelf Liner to Shelves.

Using zip ties, attach the shelf liner to the shelves.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Super Cheap, Super Durable Non-toxic Shelves!




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    No pictures, but of course it's simple: I used IKEA Variera shelf liner and made a template with one liner sheet that could easily be replicated for all the shelves.