Introduction: CHEAP DIY CNC !

HI there reader...

My name is Siemen and i am from belguim. In this second instructable ill show you how i make my CNC 2.0. This will be a step by step guide which you can follow complete with plans. At the moment i write this only the designing and ordering of the parts is done. more steps will be added as i make progres in creating the machine. i hope you enjoy these 3D renderings.



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    Hoping the new site comes up soon this looks like a interesting build. Very good job in design A+ in my book.

    haha :) well i am working on a new site since the old one is broken :) looks Like they had some fun with the link. i'll try to fix this as soon as possible.


    May I make a suggestion? Your X and Y axes can be made to extend more. In Y that seems easy enough because you are using bars for the structure. For X, your gantry would have to grow with larger panels but if you use the same sort of bars, then your builders can customize the footprint of the machine to suit them and the only thing they might fiddle with is the cutting tool. You might also consider making the cutting tool mount swappable so that different tools can be installed.