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What to do with an old unused Desklamp, en Egg-Basket and some Zip-ties ?

Step 1: The Materials

- unused Desklamp

- Egg-basket

- Zip ties (80 pcs pink and 150 pcs magenta)

Step 2: Prepare Egg-basket for Lamp Mount

first center the Bottom of the egg-basket, then cut with a hole drille (40mm) the center hole

Step 3: Tie Up the Zip Ties

so i used 4 ties and ziped it on the basket, then i used another pink zip to fix them togetter so they might look as an feather... prettty easy but takes a lot of time, see the fotos you just have to continue row per row... and round and around and around ;)

Step 4: Adding Some More Ties

ass you see i did add some more ties in other directions to gett a more plumage look

Step 5: Mounting the Egg-Basket on the Desklamo

I already drilled the center hole so i just had to unscrew the old lampshade and put on the egg-basket, screw it on and put in the bulp...

Step 6: Finish

So work done... just light up

pretty easy to do...

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