9 Best Simple Sugru and Other Hacks to Make You House Child, Elderly and Disabled Friendly.




There is many simple and cheap things we can do around the house to make it safe and others to make things just plain easier. maybe just because we you are lazy or because there is some one on you house that needs special care this simple trick can go a long way with out braking the bank...not even the piggy bank.

Step 1: 1. Stress Reliever, Toy, Assistive Holder.

this is an extraordinary stress reliever, and a great toy, and it can be used as an assistive holder because it wraps around things like crayons an pens really easily and is soft to the touch.
White flour
A 3"x3" piece of cardboard

Roll up the cardboard and put it half way inside the balloon.
With a tea spoon pour the flour inside the balloon through the cardboard cylinder.
When you feel the balloon is full tap it on the table a couple time until you see the is more space for more flour, keep repeating this until the flour inside the balloon is really compacted the more compacted the better the results.
Pull the neck of the balloon really hard try not to get air in the balloon tie it and you are done.
You will know you did it right because the balloon  will keep what ever shape you give it, if not you have to much air inside or the flour is not compacted enough.


Step 2: 2. Stuff That Glows in the Dark.

This is extremely simple to do the only and it can very very helpful at home. Some people tent to get up at night and if you are the kind of person that likes to be green and and save in energy, this is the hack for you.
If you dont want night lights because the waste energy just make you own glow in the dark tape that you can stick on any surface that you want to make visible at night with the lights off.

Glow in the dark paint (picked it up at home depot for $4)
Duct tape
Blue painters tape
Paint brush


Depending what surface you want to cover is the kind of tape you are going to use,
if you want to cove steps and floors you want to use duct tape because is heavy duty and will not come off when walking over it.
if you are going to put it in walls, over light switches and stuff the you wanna use blue tape because it does not damage the surface or the paint.

fist place the tape over a surface like a window , then paint over it when is dry put another coat and after it dries you are ready to use and star taping what ever you like.

Step 3: Annoying Small Lamp and Light Switches.

Dont you hate those small and skinny lamp switches that you cant even turn to turn tha lamp on specially with wet hands... well i really hate them and imagine how hard can it be for an older person. well this is the hack for that and other switches too.


Get a little piece of sugru and wrap it around the switch make sure its really compacted and that it has a good grip let it sit and thats it..... enjoyyyyy

you can use these for those small switches aroud the house too!!!

Step 4: 4. Door Knob Hack

you know what else i hate, those slippery metallic door knobs. well aging if you do too here is an easy fix for them.



well first stare at the knob for 2 hours and the wrap it in sugru..... you are done

and make sure you make a nice design like mine that is easy to grip and looks cool.

Step 5: 5. That Impossible to Open Bottle.

well well that infamous bottle... dont worry here is the hack for that ..... you will never call you neighbor to open the bottles for you again....



first make a round ball the size of a golf ball of sugru, place it in top of the bottle and press down. Make sure the sugru is fitted ti the lid of the bottle and make an easy to grab shape like mine...  you can go wild with these and do it to every bottle even that blue pill one thats is one you wanna open fast. =)

Step 6: 6. Easy to Grab Silverware for Elderly Disabled and Kids.

this is a simple but effective hack, you can make the life of a lot of people with arthritis and other disabilities much easier.


make a golf ball size and simply wrap around the handle, if this is going to be for an specific person is best to let them to the molding to ensure a comfortable custom fit.

Step 7: 7. Mommy I Want to Read.

have you see a case of a kid that didnt learn to read because he couldn't open a book... no... well i havent but to make sure we dont here is another fix for those hard to pen (for kids and some adults) thick pages book



just as in the pictures place small ball of sugru and embed the in the edge of the page and now that book will be a lot easier to open for your kid (and some adults)

Step 8: 8. This Hack Is Electric.

if you dont want you kids sticking his fingers in the electric socket this solution is for you.



just make a little ball about the size of a nickel and the make it flat, put it in top op the socket and push in.... is better to paint the sugru once is dry  so it wont call you kids attention because of the color 

Step 9: 9. Parents Worse Nightmare.

A parent worse nightmare is the corners of any table, it always seams to be at the right hight to cause the worse possible damage in our kids, eye, bleeding foreheads are always victims of this monster. Well now parents dont fear no more.... super sugru is here....


make little nickel size balls and pres against the corners, the bigger the ball the better the protection and if you have enough sugru a love you kid that much you can do an entire bumper around the table and every thing else in you house that posses a potential damage for a love one.

Step 10: 10. Conclution

This instructable was made to show potentian hazard and inconveniences that you can easily fix arouNd the house to make your and others life easer, please be creative and if you dont have the materials used her just look for alternatives and again BE CREATIVE!!!!

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    7 years ago on Step 10

    Homemade miniatures, doll accessories, grippy soles on socks. These sprang to my mind just now. Don't know if anyone else had these thoughts... :D :D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a great stress reliever and exercise tool. I will look for a really thick balloon so it lasts long. To increase stress put in a little milk, yeast, warm water and a little elbow grease with your hand and step back and enjoy.

    haha thats the one thing i always wanted to do, specially the chair. if you ever do it definitely let me know.