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Introduction: Chili Cheese Fondue

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This has been a favorite recipe in my family for years. Perfect for Super Bowl, football parties, or anytime. It freezes well and a great treat weeks later for that late night snack! Simple to make and just a couple hours in a crock pot and its done. I hope this is a VOTE for me-thanks!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients


1 can of chili-con-carne (NO BEANS)
1 can tomatoes (14 ½ oz) but cut up if not chopped- do not drain
1 large Velveeta Cheese (2 #)
2 cans Mexican green chili’s (drained and chopped)
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper

(Optional) Jalapeno peppers chopped (fresh is best) - I always add these for that extra zip

Step 2: Cut Up Velvetta Cheese

and add all the ingredients

Step 3: Mix All Ingredients

Simmer 2 hours on low heat on stove or in slow cooker. I test after one hour and add Jalapeno peppers or more crushed red peppers for that right zing that I enjoy with a spicier flare. I also freeze what I do not use and I can freeze up to three months and just defrost and microwave for those last minute guests for an appetizer.
Serve with tortilla chips and I do apologize as this is very addicting!

Step 4: Done and Ready for That Super Bowl Company

Serve over chips or in small auj dishes for dipping!

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    I am eating this as I type, watching the game. Excellent recipe, we made a few mods but wow, this is genius. Thank you!

    Yum yum

    Absolutely delicious, thank you for posting

    Glad you love the fondue; being a WI Packer & cheese lover fan like me-I know what you mean about can't stop eating them!

    Thanks for sharing this - I can tell everyone this is the BEST dip EVER - and so addictive! I love it!!! I'd be afraid to make it because I can't stop eating it.

    1 reply

    Thanks Holly-I know you have had this many times and I love making it and freeze it for last minute guests--can't wait to see you and Josh again!