Chocolate Footballs, Basketballs, and Baseball Desserts

Introduction: Chocolate Footballs, Basketballs, and Baseball Desserts

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Me and my friend made a football, basketball, and baseball dessert out of chocolate and food coloring! 

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

three balloons
a microwave
white chocolate
milk or dark chocolate
orange candy melts
black food coloring
red food coloring
a needle
a microwaveable bowl
a popsicle stick or sucker stick

Step 2: Making the Shapes

1. Get out about 15 orange candy melts and put them in your  microwavable bowl.

2. Microwave the candy melts for 30 seconds or until melted.

3. Blow up a balloon as big as you want your basket ball to be as long as the balloon isn't bigger than your bowl.

4. Dip just one part of your ballon into the candy melts just like in the picture.

5. Repeat twice, but do one of them with milk or dark chocolate and the other with white chocolate.

Step 3: Drawing the Lines

1. Let you chocolate dry on the balloon.

2. Pop your balloon then carefully peel it off the chocolate.

3. Mix red die with white melted chocolate in one cup, black in another, and one cup of just melted white chocolate.

4. Start with the orange chocolate circle and draw a a basketball design on it with the black chocolate.

5. Draw laces on the brown circle with the white chocolate using a popsicle stick to make it look like a football.

6. Draw lace on the white circle with the red chocolate to make it look like a baseball.

Step 4: You Are Done!

You have finnished making your chocolate dessert! You can just eat them or put them on top of a cake. I made these with help from sistergldnhair, my best friend.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    ok, now i have a question... are you using the candy coloring or just plain gel colorin?i have been told that the gel color will cause the chocloate to seize.
    so i never tried it.