C.I.M.M. (CD, I Pod, Mp, Musical Device) Jacket



A jacket that has earphones built into them. It not only protects your musical device in the the rain, it also allows you to listen to your favorite songs in the rain. With the earphones put in the base of the jacket, and easy access to the musical device of your choice its a good instructable.

Step 1:

The materials needed: 1) Any hooded jacket of your choice, (The one used in my instructable, is an old nike rain jacket) 2)An x-acto. 3) A bendable cutting board to fit into the jacket. 4) A pair of ear phones. 5) Your favorite portable musical device.

Step 2:

First step: With materials ready for use, turn jacket inside out and locate which pocket is going to be used to harbor musical device. (The jacket in the instructable had a big stomach pocket pouch, so I chose that one.)

Step 3:

Once the pocket is selected turn the jacket back right side up, and then insert the bendable cutting board into the pocket. Once the board is inserted, turn the jacket inside out. Once the jacket is inside out take your x-acto, and cut a slit big enough for the ear phones to be able to connect to the device of your choice through the pocket. With this step done you can bend the board in half and take it out of the jacket's pocket. (I made the slit large, so I could easily take out the ear phones.)

Step 4:

Time to insert ear phones. With jacket still inside out, take your cutting board and put it between the inner seam, and outer seam of the jacket, and cut two slits (one on the left side, and right side of the jacket, near its chest area. Insert the ear hones and guide it all the way up the neck area, of the jacket. Once you have the ear phones all the way up the chest are of the jacket leading to the neck, cut a slit on the left and right side of the jacket, and bring the ear phones out.

Step 5:

Final step once the ear phones are out of the slits, you can turn your jacket right side up, grab your musical device, grab the outlet from the ear phones from the pocket you chose, connect it to your musical device, and select the song you want to listen to, then put it in the pocket and be on your way.

Step 6:

If your jacket gets dirty, and you want to wash it, removing the earphones and disconnecting your musical device, from your musical jacket is as simple as putting the jacket together. Just turn your jacket inside out and remove the ear phones from the slits, and your jacket is ready to be washed and dried. That completes my instructable the"CIMM Jacket"



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