CKP Compact Knex Pistol V2!!

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CKP Compact Knex Pistol V2

Hello everybody, it has been a little while since I have posted a knex gun so here is my new version of CKP. It was kind of junky looking but I liked the name, so here it is, my new knex gun. It has a good amount of power IMO for it's size with two bands. I have not been able to do any real range testing but it seems to have a nice punch to it.

This gun shoots gray clips. I might try to make an ammo lock so that it can shoot other types of ammo better.

There are a lot of pros to it, compared to the old version. It is 4 layers thick and just uses one blue rod to hold it together so you don't have a lot of junk sticking out the side. Also there are Zero cut parts.

The next version will have a better looking handle and some other neat features too, so if you have got any ideas for some other improvements then please post your ideas in the Comments.

I know that removable mags are nice but I just don't like the idea of all those cut parts. I am working on some new mag designs so I might put one on this. The trigger looks kind of weird but it feels nice and pulls off the job in a small package.

Hope to have some more guns up soon and other knex stuff so subscribe to get in on the fun!!!

I don't plan on posting instructions for this model but if there is enough interest I might give some internal pix for the new versions.


comfortable trigger

handle feels nice, the shape might need to be changed to improve looks


Just one blue rod sticking out the side

nice range and power, more testing has to be done to verify the exact range

looks nice IMO

Rubber band mag pusher


non removable mag

handle is shaped weird

no sights, I will add that on the next version

no ram lock

no safety lock

Please comment and subscribe and like and give me your feedback.

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    13 Discussions

    Not at the moment. If I do I will be sure to tell you! Could I have permission to post your turret pistol? I would give you full credit, and I believe it would make a great low parts war weapon.

    sonic broomCorgiCritter

    Reply 4 years ago

    Okay that's fine I might make a new version that works a lot better and you could post instructions for that if you want.

    sonic broomKnexGuy15

    Reply 4 years ago

    No not for this version it has some problems with the trigger. I might for the next version

    Lucas The Bosssonic broom

    Reply 4 years ago

    I've noticed all of your guns that I've seen are pistols, try a smg. If you don't have enough peices then a handle mag fed gun. Those so far have been my favorite pistols.

    sonic broomLucas The Boss

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes I have enough knex I've built the TR8 and the ZKAR and I might make the TR18. I will be posting some larger guns soon and some new knex projects I've been working on.