CLAMMYZ : the Newest Craze!!!!




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Ahhhh...Clammyz. The newest weapon against boredom at school, the office, and family reunions!!!

Now you too can fight off the evils of boredom!!!! Here's how!

P.S. This is my first instructable, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Step 1: Materials

Index Card

half a minute (not shown)

Step 2: Folding the Face

The first thing to do is fold the index card width-wise                                                                                        

(DON'T CREASE IT!!!!!!!!)

Then take your knuckle and make a crease along that little bulge. 

Step 3: Get Creative

The next thing to do is draw a face.

The face can be anything from Love-Sick Clammy to Hitman Clammy. Your choice!

Don't forget to add a tongue!

( Note: for maximum Clamminess don't draw a mouth. That's what the fold is for! )

Step 4: Yeah! That's It!

You're Done!!

Now just squeeze the sides to make him talk, bite, etc. !!!

Now you can make more!    That's right!   Soon you too will control an army of Clammyz!!!

P.S. I will have more instructables soon, so check back .>=D

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    8 years ago on Step 4

    at first i thought it was really stupid but now im addicted!