Introduction: CLIP EARNINGS

A great and easy way to make earnings!
have fun!

Step 1: What U Will Need

1. a rubber end
2. small pliers
3. a earning hook
4.a necklace clip

Step 2: Opening and Closing the Metal Hooks.

open the hole in both hooks and slide the clips on both of them. make sure the loop is closed. it should look like this above.

Step 3: Done!

just put the rubber end on the hook and then you will be done. You can also add different thing other than these. I will show more photos in the comments.



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    3 Discussions

    An easy way to attach other things! This 'ible would be more effective if you showed how your 1 pair of ear wires could link onto other findings for more decoration.

    2 replies

    Here are some more photos of what you can put on Earning wires.