CMD Tutorial

Introduction: CMD Tutorial

I'm going to teach the basics and more complicated things in cmd like how to ping and watch starwars and create viruses

Step 1: Getting to Know Cmd

If don't already know how to run cmd. Just press the windows button and r then type in cmd and press enter. If you want to change the colour just type color help and it will give you a list of all the colours. The first number is the backround the second the writing. If a command stops working press ctrl+c it will stop the program.

Step 2: Pinging

To ping an address just type the ip or web address after ping or to send packages of data type ping -t -l 1 (ip).

the -t tells the computer to continuously pinging the ip

the -l tells the computer how much data to send i.e. I put 1. The computer only sends in bytes






Step 3: StarWars

In order to watch starwars first you have to enable telnet to enable it go to control panel then programs then turn windows feature On or Off and ticking both the telnet check boxes. Then press or click the start button and search telnet then click the program. Once it is open type "o" then press enter then it should say to then type "" and press enter. Don't include the quote marks

Step 4: Viruses

Ok the first one i am going to teach you is how to make the falling code from the matrix.

step 1

download the file and when it has downloaded right click it and click edit then it will show you the code or you can click run

Step 5: This Is Still a Work in Progress Will Add More Soon

Check out my next tutorial on how to edit websites

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    4 years ago

    tank you so much


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks but I suggest to add information that color changes with command color in cmd are only for a session. If someone wants to make it pernament it needs to be done by properties.