CNC Adjustable Shelving System

Introduction: CNC Adjustable Shelving System

A design for a completely modular, expandable wall or column mounted shelving system produced on a CNC router machine. Simple to fix and fully adjustable, the design is stretchable to up to any height and can span any wall width, you just increase the number of bays.

The bay pitch can also be customized to any width up to 1200 mm. It is designed to be used in a retail environment but can obviously also be used in domestic or workspace.

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Step 1: Download the Standard Part DXF's for You to Stretch As Required.

Standard parts are:

Left and right hand key bars, intermediate key bar, a couple of modern and old fashioned shelf bracket designs [feel free to design your own], shelves and optional back panel.

I have also included a shelf bracket with round tube across the span for hanging items on, plus a version of the shelf with an acrylic riser.

Step 2: Find a CNC Machinist

CNC machining is becoming very popular these days, just do a web search in your area for "CNC router."

Alternatively, good sources for makers are "Opendesk" and "FabHub."

Or you could always just have me do it for you.

Step 3: Choose Your Materials and Think About Finishing.

You can make the component parts out of pretty much any sheet material you require. In my prototype I have used 12 mm thick birch faced plywood. The shelf inner board is a piece of scrap laminated MDF I had lying around. The finish I used is Osmo Polyx Raw roll on lacquer.

If you want a budget version I suggest just MDF painted. The Rolls Royce version could be manufactured from solid surface material.

Step 4: All Done!

Just fitting left to do, use optional back panel is best. Alternatively make spacer bar (pitch is critical) - The last photo I have included is the weight test, surprisingly for a lightweight system it is very strong.

Thanks for looking I hope this is of use to you, please email me on if you have any queries. Thanks Rob.

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    3 years ago

    Those look nice, I love the filligree design one :)