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This circuit has been built with a home made PCB board CNC Machine and will work to make a double axis CNC Machine. I used two of the Easy Stepper motor drivers from . In order to create an easier way to program this shield i used an arduino library called AccelStepper which allowed easy programming for many uses. If you have any questions about the circuit feel free to visit any of my pages. , vimeo , or Email:

I made this circuit in 123D and am excited about all the cool features to help with structure, cost, schematic, and live interaction with your circuit. I highly recommend checking out this circuit on 123D Circuit at



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    well this is really cool for a plotter :D you have to add the 3rd controller for the Z axis. anyways it looks nice. good luck

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    AustinCraneTimofte Andrei

    Reply 4 years ago

    yea... my goal was to make it so I could put a third driver on there that way I could make a good alternative for the grbl board but I was actually using it to make a drawing machine! Good eye my friend.

    Great project! To be eligible for the awesome Judges Prize you would want to translate your project to 123D Circuits. Since you have already made it once it would be extremely easy to re-make in 123d Circuits.

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