CNC Candle-Less Menorah

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With access to a shopBot, you can cut out this Menorah in about 20 minutes. The beauty with the design is that it works without candles. Just pop out and flip the candle 180 degrees, then push back in.

Supplies.... any type of sheet wood around 12x12 inches. My particular design uses plywood with about .68 thickness. The CNC bit is .25 inches, hence many of the pockets on this design are specific to .25 inches in diameter. You will also need some sandpaper to clean up the edges.

From my PDF file, the blue areas are pockets. You want your pocket cuts to be exactly one half of the material thickness. The Black lined areas are full cuts. Using Vcarve, I offset my faux candles .02 inches, so they could easily pop in and out.




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    3 years ago

    Neat! But it might be wise to construct it out of something nonflammable for those unclear on the concept. :)

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks TomV4. Really the idea is that you do not use real candles, just the 9 wooden candles that slot in.