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Introduction: CNC Embroidery: QR Code

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You can use a QR code to open a link using a smartphone. Why not direct people to a link with an embroidered QR code? You can wear it, put it on a bag or purse, hang it up in an embroidery hoop... The possibilities are endless. And it's really easy on a CNC sewing machine.

This tutorial is for the Singer Futura 250, though there are a lot of ways to get a working QR code onto fabric (including cross-stitch!).

Step 1: Generate Your QR Code

There are plenty of free QR code generators online. I used
Make your QR image really big- the bigger the file, the better the definition you will get.
Tip: You can make it bigger in paint- just go to Image > Stretch and make it 1000% as big!

Step 2: Import in to Futura

Use AutoPunch on your Futura software and import your file. Tell it you want two colors (black & white).

Step 3: Prepare Fabric

Stretch the fabric very tightly in the hoop-make sure it's completely secure and won't be deformed by the stitches. Clean edges on your pixels are really important to making sure the QR code is readable.

Step 4: Transmit to Futura

Let the machine do the stitching!

Step 5: Detach & Enjoy!

Clip threads very carefully.



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    BTW, I am a quilter. This is a great way to label a quilt. Make a video of the quilt makers story about the quilt (about the fabric, how long it took, washing information) and use the QRCode to direct the new quilt owner to the video. I'm so excited. Thanks.


    2 years ago

    oh btw, how long does it take?


    2 years ago

    I can only imagine what i can do with this singer badboy!! I wanna applied for internship in pier 9 also, i am at my physics bachelor final year.... so this summer would be my last chance!!

    What is the maximun barcode size that I can generate? By the way, why not generate the QR code image in different color combinations? It looks more cool?

    I didn't even know CNC sewing machines existed! This is so nice!

    Hey SelkeyMoonbeam, I think it's a great idea! thanks.