CNC Horse


Introduction: CNC Horse

About: I am Aleksey Makridenkov, more than 6 years professionally engaged in design During this time I have accumulated knowledge and skills that will be glad to share I like to do the work so that the customer is ...

The day before the birthday!
Horse is not a bad gift)))

further - a short description

Step 1: Design & Mill

Designing performed in ArtCAM & Corel

Cut out mill )))

Step 2: Assembly


    1. Hourse - solid spruce
    2. Plexiglas 4mm

    3. Stand - solid spruce

    Tying it all elimenty glue.

Step 3: Results - Horse

Results - Horse

Сontemplate ....

and we give hero of the occasion

Thank you for your attention



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    4 Discussions

    no file ? whats the point then ?

    share the file please

    Looks Amazing!
    How did you make the horsse?

    Love the design,...any chance you would share the file?