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First of all, this is my first instructable so obviously I forgot take pictures of some parts of the process but the key part of this project is the design anyway. The laptop stand mimics the form and function of the laptop stands used in DJ booths. But since the design is so simple it can be adjusted to fit pretty much every need imaginable.

I used my DIY Dremel CNC to manufacture this, but you could also use a lasercutter, bandsaw or maybe even just a jigsaw.

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Step 1: Design

In this step I will not provide you with the exact svg file for the project, mainly because mine is specific to the stock of plywood I had on hand and because I screwed up the dimensions and the stand is slightly to wobbly. At the same time I also wanna encourage you to redesign this yourself to get the exact stand you need for your laptop or tablet.

The requirements I had for the stand were for it to fit in the laptop compartment in my backpack and that it could be slid under mixers or turntables. Also I had to fit the parts on a 40x40cm piece of plywood because that was what I had left over from another project.

The design is based on two almost identical pieces that can be stacked into each other in the middle. On the screenshot of the inkscape design you can see that the pieces have two rectangular cutouts in the center, but facing up on one piece and facing down on the other one.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

Since my DIY Dremel CNC doesn't like running at feed rates measured in anything else than mm/year, I only ran the outline of the pieces for one 3mm deep pass. Then I cut the rough shapes on my upside down jigsaw table and ran along the edge with a flush trim router bit.

That saved me a lot of time and frustration and it actually looked really good. I might consider using this workflow for future 2.5D milling projects.

Step 3: Finish

This is the part of the project where I was experimenting a bit and totally forgot about documentig it. Since I already had the router table set up from the last step, I took off the sharp edges of the pieces with a round over bit. If you do this as well, make sure to not round over the cut outs for the pieces to slide into each other because otherwise they won't fit as snuggly.

Depending on the how exact your CNC Machine (or your ability to follow a template on a band saw) is, you might have to sand down or plane the underside of one of the pieces, so the laptop stand sits flat on an even surface.

After all that, I applied a layer of some wood oil to give the stand a more professional look.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    do you have the SVG files?


    2 years ago

    Same principle as I did one.( also made a instructable)

    Looks great!!


    2 years ago

    some informatio about the dremmel cnc? it is made by you or do you have a link for a tutorial?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I designed my CNC myself, but obviously I used a lot of design ideas from other makers around the internet. But if there's one tip I can give you, don't build a Dremel CNC if you plan on doing anything other than PCB milling. Dremels aren't powerful enough for wood or metal milling so I'm planning on building a CNC with an actual trim router.


    2 years ago

    That looks really nice :)