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In this project we will scavenge parts from old PC CD-Rom(s) and build a fully working CNC machine using (basically any type of) Arduino which would run on G-Code.

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Step 1: Parts Needed

  • Arduino Nano x1
  • Easydrivers by Sparkfun x 3
  • CD-Rom drives x 3
  • Jumper Wires x 20
  • Spacers and Washers
  • Dc Jack Male x 1
  • (5v ; 2.1 A) Power Adapter x 1

Step 2: Software Needed

  • XLoader
  • Universal G-Code Sender
  • Inkscape
  • Maker CAM

Step 3: Creating the Axis

First of all you have to assemble your CD-Rom(s) so they are mutually perpendicular to each other and thus form 3 axis namely X, Y and Z.

Step 4: Connecting All the Components

Now just follow the following circuit diagram to connect your Easydrivers, Motors and Arduino.

Step 5: Uploading the Hex File

Next upload the given HEX file onto your Arduino using XLoader

Step 6: Arduino - Universal G-code Sender

Now open Universal G-code Sender and connect your Arduino.

Step 7: Setting the Correct X, Y, Z Step Dimensions

Now go to Settings > Firmware Settings > GRBL.

These are the X, Y and Z Step Dimensions for my machine (yours may vary).

Step 8: Generating and Sending the G-Code

Now you can browse for the G-Code (I have used InkScape to generate G-Code) file and send it to the Arduino

Step 9: And It's Done

Your CNC Machine should now start printing.

For a final complicated test print go to:



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    Manan TharejaIzeckA

    Reply 1 year ago

    Plus i have made a lot of changes to make it more accurate

    like adding acrylic, adding leveling screws to level the print bed


    1 year ago

    I want to buy this machine


    1 year ago

    Wow, must of taken you so long to type this up!

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