CNC Machine Carved Pumpkin





Introduction: CNC Machine Carved Pumpkin

This is not a handcrafted pumpkin sculpture.

Instead, fully automatic CNC machine is used for the carving.

Tools required :



1mm PCB router bit

CNC ostrich egg shell engraving machine

Step 1: Prepare the Images

Sketch the images in computer.

Step 2: Prepare the Gerber Program

Convert the images into CNC Gerber program.

Step 3: CNC Carving

Mount the pumpkin in the CNC machine and do the carving.

Step 4: Clear Up the Inside

Remove the bottom of the pumpkin with a knife, and clear the inside with a spoon.



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5 Discussions

any chance you captured some video of the cnc in action?

1 reply


Cool. The use of CNC was totally unexpected!!! Thanks for the i'ble...

Pretty cool. I didn't realize a CNC would work on an irregular shaped pumpkin.

Good idea. I never thought about using a CNC for this. I am going to have to show this to my machinist.