CNC Vacuum Hose Mount




About: Hi I'm Steve. I am a mechanical engineering graduate from Canada.

This is a vacuum hose mount I cut using the CNC I built.

Dust collection is quite a problem using regular air cooled routers due to the air that exits around the collet. The air circulated fine dust around my basement so this was my solution....

Step 1: Measurements

I took measurements of my router and the hose of my shop vac.

Step 2: Computer-Aided Design and CAM

I used Creo Elements 5 Pro Schools Edition but anything that exports .stl or .dwg would be fine.

The top piece simply clamps to the router and the vac hose.

The bottom piece is designed to allow the collet through but deflect any exiting air from the router out the sides.

Creo doesn't export nice round circles by default but I didn't bother changing any settings. The .stl export feature in SketchUp has given me more round circles. I stuck with Creo because it is easier for me to define features.

I have used MeshCAM 5 pretty much since I started out since it is very simple to use. Their site, GRZ Software, states MeshCAM is for non-machinists and they really do mean it.

Step 3: Run the Toolpath

Fun. It is so ironic when one uses their CNC to mill something for their CNC.

Step 4: Assembly

I simply used a couple of bolts and a few nuts and washers.

Step 5: Test

The bottom piece keeps deflects all the air outwards but keeps the dust and such on the stock.

The only downside is that the two LEDs on the DeWalt DWP611 don't illuminate the cutting surface anymore.



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    5 years ago on Step 5

    If you make another one our of acrylic, the lights would then be able to shine through again.