CNC Vacuum Pallet System

Introduction: CNC Vacuum Pallet System

I designed this vacuum pallet changer instead of buying a VM300 from Mitee bite. The Mitee system costs about $3500 and the Pierson work holding system is $2200 plus you have to buy their expensive hardware if you want to make your own pallets. My system is pretty simple and can be made for about $600 or cheaper. This project is a bit more involved than most of what I see here on instructables but some people may enjoy the project. This was designed for use on my PCNC 1100 but I have had other people make them for larger VMC's and even a guy who made a modified version for cnc router.

Step 1:

Step 2:

This project is for a more advanced person and I cover most of the details in the videos so I'm not going to type out a painful step by step here. This is a straight forward project but if you have any questions please let me know.



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    Can you by chance make one for OtherMill Pro (mini precision cnc mill) and sell it to me? If so, how much? i got a project that im buying the machine for, and one of these on it is pretty useful/essential.