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Introduction: CNC Wood Art

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I love taking wood planks and creating art from them.

This is made much more fun with a CNC!

Step 1: Software

I use a piece of software called Easel, created by Inventables for their CNC machines.

The more sophisticated software is Fusion 360 by Autodesk.

While that may sound daunting, Fusion 360 really isnt and there is great YouTube videos that can help!

Essentially you need to do two things:

1. Figure out your material, its dimensions and rigidity.

2. Design something that your bits can produce and also fit in your material space.

Luckily Easel added a Simulate oiption that can allow you to see how the subtraction of material will progress.

Step 2: Carve!

When the design, material and bit all line up then jump into carving!

Think about if you want to remove material for the background or remove material for the foreground!

Also,....carefull when you sand as thin wall will break, they do for me every time I get too excited about sanding!

Step 3: Burn

I love to utilize heat in my carvings.

I use two tools,...a blowtorch and a pyrography pen. I also watch videos or tutorials on!---for new techniques!

Hint: Burning wood also makes a great cover-up for when you accidentally stain wood you didnt want to stain!

Step 4: Color

I have become a big fan of using epoxy (2-part) for adding color and gloss.

Its basically 2 clear gels, add part A to a cup...then add equal part B....then mix in color. I use food coloring to color the epoxy!

Also dont forget to use wood stain,...or mix two stains,...or use coffee or tea! No need to buy all sorts of stuff!

Step 5: Finish

Add colors, then apply a clear polyurethane to protect the wood and give a nice feel to the art.

Do not touch the epoxy for like 2 days, might be firm but you can easily leave fingerprints in it....then lose that nice glass look!


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