CO2 Carbonator


Introduction: CO2 Carbonator

In this video I'll show you how you can use mostly hardware store components to build a CO2 carbonator.  You can use this to make carbonated water, juice, or even carbonated fruit!  Try using it to re-carbonate soda that has gone flat.



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    5 years ago

    what can i uye instead of paintball c02 cartridge? will bike pump work?

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    A second container with baking soda and vinegar would probably work fairly well.

    I've never tried the Dry Ice method myself, but you have to be careful with it. Because you are putting the dry ice in a sealed container you have to be careful not to put too much or your container might explode. Worst case, someone gets hurt. Best case, you end up with splattered fruit all over your fridge. Either way it won't be fun to clean up!

    I agree. it CAN be a bit risky.
    In fact, while looking up a pressure table, i was referred multiple times to the appropriately named "Dry Ice Bomb"
    Those risks can be mitigated however, by careful choice of containers.

    The basic "safe" dry ice method would utilize something like a pressure cooker.
    The preset pressure safety release valve would ensure that any excess pressure would simply blow off. The benefit is that this would be a one container carbonator(less to clean up). Just chuck a couple pieces in with the fruit, pop on the lid, and wait.

    And now for another installation of ToMuchInformation
    To maximize your carbonation, make sure EVERYTHING is nice and cold before you begin. As long as nothing is actually frozen, the colder it is, the higher the achievable carbonation level. This is because CO2 pressure is directly related to temperature of dry ice in a container at 32 F and a second, identical container with 1oz, but at 40 F... The second container will show a significantly higher pressure reading.

    A bike pump will not work because it would just be pumping air. You need to use carbon dioxide.

    The carbonated fruit... Stick to foods that are already "acidic" in flavor.
    the strawberries... are probably "too sweet"
    green grapes should work ok, but ripe red globe grapes may get the same results as strawberries.
    Try melon balls. they may taste a little strange, but are one of the most fun fruits.

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    Thank you for this tip. I was wondering why the strawberries ended up tasting funny. What you are saying makes sense since the oranges and pineapple were delicious.

    steel tank instead of the water filter housing?

    For food or water you will consume? don't do it.
    There ARE stainless steels that will resist the acidic effects, but if you don't have the correct material, then it's like cooking tomatoes in aluminium. You'll kill the taste, and possibly poison yourself.

    If you mean, can you use steel CO2 Tanks? then sure thing! Just avoid using non-refillable CO2 cartridges(like the little pellet gun 'pills'). Those OFTEN contain a lubricating oil. Good for your pellet gun, bad for you. Also make sure your regulator is BRAND NEW, or has only ever been used for CO2. If not, it may have picked up contaminates from it's former life.

    I'm not even gonna cover the oils and other impurities in non food grade co2 that makes this a bad idea.

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    This is a good point. Do you know any good sources that talk about this kind of thing so I can include a link in the instructable?

    Now to help alleviate some of the panic. Welding grade CO2 gas is every bit as pure as that used for food processing(note food grade co2 is NOT the same as co2 for use IN food. That label means it is usable for food processing.)
    The biggest worry is usually that your tanks are clean to begin with. Used non-food tanks can often contain contaminates.
    Just like junk in your carbonating CO2 makes things taste bad... junk in your shielding gas makes welds go bad too.

    The purity levels exceed 99.0%

    Just as an example, BOTH USP A(food grade) and USP B(industrial grade) are "acceptable" for use in animal medicine. Primarily, it is used in terminal applications(euthanasia) but it is also STILL used occasionally as a general anesthetic.

    call any welding shop and ask about the differences between commercial co2 and medical/food grade.

    much easier to just install a tire valve in the top of a 2 liter bottle then use a co2 tire inflator to carb it. Will cost less than a new 20 oz co2 tank.

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    I'll have to give this a try some time. I did think of using a soda bottle but I thought it would be difficult to get large chunks of fruit in and out of the bottle. This container allows you to put different sized fruits inside, although all the fittings and hoses are probably more expensive.