CO2 Marshmallow Gun




4 Elbows
4 Caps
4 Tees
1 Valve
1 Triple Tee
4 PVC Pipes
2 Crosses

Step 1: The Stock

To build the stock is very easy. Simply cut two 1 foot pieces of PVC, two 6 inch pieces of PVC, and assemble them as shown.

Step 2: The Scope

To build the scope, simply cut a 2 inch piece of PVC and attach it to a tee.

(Note: we added pieces of PVC pipe to make the scope bigger, though this is not necessary.)

Step 3: The Tripod

To create the tripod take two 3 inch pieces of PVC and put a cap on the end of them. Attach the other end to the PVC triple elbow. Attach a 5 inch piece to an elbow and attach that to the main body. The finished project should look the above picture.

Step 4: The Barrel

To create the barrel attach a 5 inch piece of PVC and a 1 foot piece of PVC to a tee. Attach the tripod to the bottom of that tee and you have your barrel.

Step 5: CO2 Valve

Attach a 3 inch piece of PVC to a PVC valve. On the other end, attach a 2 inch piece of PVC with a PVC cap on it. Drill through the cap and glue on the CO2 canister and then open the valve to fire.

Step 6: The Magazine

Simply attach whatever size of PVC you want (we used a 6 inch piece), fill it with marshmallows, put a cap on it, and the attach it to a 45 degree elbow. Attach this to the tee on the stock and you have your magazine.

Step 7: Firing the Gun

Simply open the valve to release the CO2 and fire the marshmallow.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This has never been tested has it. Along with tomatoskins I would like to know how you get the co2 into the pipe