Step 1: Getting the Stuff

For this you need: $10 rc car $1 mouse trap Already had battery box Cloth Tape Rubber band

Step 2: Assemble the Battery Box

Take the the battery box and tape it to the car. Find the power source wires for your car. Now find the positive terminal and pinch The red wire on their. Now do the same for The black but negative terminal.

Step 3: Making the Bumper

Take the wire and wrap and secure it to the trigger of the mouse trap. You can ,if you want to, make a cardbored bumper on the wire to make it look more rc-xd I didn't so this for time reasons and it looks cool Enough with out it

Step 4: Making the Explosive

Now take the rubber band,double it (depending on its size) And wrap it around The mouse trap and car. Take the the cloth or tape and put it around the arm to make A catapult.

Step 5: Now Have Some Fun

Get Rockin with your new RC-XD now u can Bring it inside or outdoors and experiment With your explosive the time and money is Worth it (please vote)!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    3 years ago

    This was made already