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Do you like fruit leather? What about leather that will SLAP you in the face and taste great? If you are a morning coffee goer try these tasty dippers served in a bowl of whipped cream. YUM!

Brain Storming: One of my favorite shows to watch is "CHOPPED" where chefs are given random ingredients and have to come up with something creative yet delicious. I decided to do my own episode at home. I saw that we had a ton of canned pumpkin to be used and a coffee contest to be entered so I said "Game On!" and came up with these. 

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You will need:

2 cups pumpkin or squash puree (as a base)
1/2 cup honey
3 tsp. cocoa powder
3 tsp. instant coffee (if you like a rich coffee flavor. Less as you prefer it)
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. cloves
1/4 tsp. nutmeg ( these spices help balance out the pumpkin) 

3 9x13 baking sheets.
Microwavable Clear wrap
oven/ dehydrator


1. Puree cooked pumpkin or just measure out 2 cups worth if all ready pureed. 
2. In a blender or food processor mix together all your ingredients. NOTE: It should be about the consistence of baby food. Store bought pumpkin maybe a little thicker so thin it to the right consistency with brewed coffee or water. 
3. Spread a piece of clear wrap over each of the 9x13 pans. NOTE: Eliminate as many wrinkles as possible because they will cause some separating during dehydration.
4. Spread about 3/4 cup of puree mix onto each sheet. NOTE: it should be about 1/8" thick.
5. Place your sheets into an oven or dehydrator set at 150* for about 6 to 8 hrs. I like to check the progress of the leather every two hours. NOTE: They should be dry to the touch NOT crispy when done. 
6. Cut the leather into about 3" squares and roll them up. 
7. You can serve and eat them now or save your dippers in a ziplock baggy for later. 

These are fun, simple, yummy, and a great conversation starter. Perfect for a brunch party! ENJOY!

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    Cool idea! I am having a blast looking at all these entries. Can't even imagine which of you guys will get the prize, I can see tons of you will get a prize and leave the judges sweating the decision!

    2 replies
    pezzasaurusEx Machina

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to but I can't because I published it before the starting date of the challenge. Oh well, I'll just have to come up with something equally as awesome for the challenge :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Really creative and original! The thought of pumpkin, chocolate, and coffee sounds really interesting to say the least. You might want to break um the third step into many steps, one for each step of the process, but maybe not, all about preference. Cool idea : )