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Here is a coffee filter paper flower with several different center embellishments.
The rose embellishment gives the setting a romantic,  spring,  or summer feel. 
The same coffee filter paper flower with a painted yucca pod on a lace paper doily and folded cloth napkin gives the setting an elegant, graceful, wintry feel.
The grape leaf gives the flower a spring, summer, or fall setting.

I used three filters and painted the yucca pod white. I made the flower by just pinching the middle on the bottom side, spreading out the layers and then glued and placed the embellishments in the center.
I folded a white napkin to set it off and set it on a white plate with a gold charger.
Some of the flowers I just layered them without pinching the bottom.
I also added a few other examples of what you can do to make a nice setting.
Some of them I placed real flowers in the center and some I placed silk flowers in.  
If grape leaves aren't available, you can make one out of paper.
You can carefully use a hole puncher and make two small holes to  thread  the ribbon through.
You can dry flowers ahead and use those for a table-scape.
With just a small imagination you can create just about anything.
I love the idea of cloth napkins because you can use them again and again as well as fold them in many different shapes to go with your table setting.
Kids love to help fold napkins and set the table for decorations.

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