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This is a funky red drop doorstop I designed for my workplace.

Step 1: The Reason to Design and Print This Doorstop

The need for a doorstop occured in my workplace, as a result of lack of height under the stairs that lead to the first floor. As you can see in the photos, in case the door opens as wide as 90 degrees the glass hits on the metallic stairs, which is very dangerous. So a great and cheap solution was to 3d print a doorstop that would prevent the door from openning more than desired.

Step 2: Design and 3dprint

I wanted to add color to my workplace so I thought that a nice idea was to design a colour drop that flows on the face of the glass door and spreads on the floor as an "accident". Then I 3dprinted the drop using a red TPU filament so the final product would be more crash absorbing and silent when the door hits on it.

Step 3: Stick the Doorstop on the Floor

As soon as my print was ready, I used a double sided adhesive tape to stick it on the floor on the right spot to prevent the crashes. I was very happy when I realised that my red drop reflected in many funny ways on the glass door. What is more I enjoy having a happy red spot in my workplace and I can't wait to add some more colors of the rainbow in it!



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    Oh, you don't know Wifey. She's so OCD it would drive her bonkers. she'd be grabbing the paper towels every two seconds or screaming my name to clean it up. Still, a very cleaver idea.


    This is so clever! I have no access to a 3-d printer, so there is no way I could make one of my question is, would you be willing to let me buy one from you?

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    Yes of course that's possible! You can send an official offer quote to letting us know exactly what you need (dimentions, material, etc), your address and the payment method.

    This is brilliant! I'd love to see the file. Anyway you can upload your stl?

    1 reply

    Thank you! Yes, of course I can upload it, in any file format you wish.