Double Vanity Unit in GFRC by FYB Design




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To realize this double vanity unit we used some wood, some fabric, some resin, and the gfrc ( Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete).
The first stage consists in cutting template of the bowl, here, we have chooses a shape in curved and asymmetric.
Having to cut in the saw template, to place you two pieces of tube in PVC, in the place which you have chooses as thorough bungs. To stick pipes pvc and tightened your fabric by fixin it to sides by means of a stapler.
Aim, please.
Mix both components of your resin polyester by respecting doses, and spread with a brush. You can make it in several coats, cool , to have solid surface.
After drying, sanding complete of the room(part,play) in 120 then 180, 240, 400, and in the water.
Prepare your bottom of coffering, and rock the first skin of GFRC in the pistol, spread(display) then the concrete coat over the coat.
Decoffrer, to varnish, it is ready!

Step 1: Fabric Forming

I  use some fabric, a stapler and my wooden  template. I fix my fabric  thanks to staples. Once the tense fabric, we throw the resin above, the resin tinged for controler the thicknesses.
After drying we shall sand the mold in the paper 120, then 240 then 400, then we shall pass in the sanding in the water up to a perfect glassis.
There is not more than to apply the gfrc to the mold, seen the quality of finish of the mold, the sanding of finish will be light.

Step 2: BLUE CONCRETE Bathroom

GFRC panels, vanity, bowl, for this blue bathroom.

Step 3: Low Table Concrete by FYB Design

One piece low table in concrete gfrc, with a eye in the middle

Step 4: Concrete Lamp by FYB Design

Moucharabieh style for this lamp in gfrc by FYB design

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love the blue vanity top! Really wish you had "Instructed" the reader on how to accomplish this shape. Your work is a lovely inspiration.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks you, i will do for the next contest...i promise....:)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, yes i m french, so i didnt have a good interpretation of the site, now i know, so for the next tournament i will give all informations .


    5 years ago on Introduction

    beautiful work; I dig the lamp a lot, but it'd be much cooler if it was more.... instructable'ish. more true instructions and details would be awesome.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice work but as an instructable it's not very instructable


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete.

    (This would be a more impressive post if the images weren't taken from their commercial website.)