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This shows you how I turned an old but still usable racing / motorbike helmet into a fun thing to use while riding or driving

This is my first one so be nice ppl lol

Step 1: Prep

Firstly get your old helmet and decide on a character. I chose Cookie Monster

You will need

Special auto helmet glue but normal spray can be used at own risk (available from most motor centres as not to ruin or damage helmet and void safety )


Fabric in your own choice of colour

Cable ties

Socks or white fabric to make and stuff eyes

Sewing kit

Step 2: Step 2

I ordered 1meter squared but found this was more than enough fabric

If you can remove all parts on the exterior of the helmet (visor and any clips) not realy needed can be done without but easier for later

Lay out fabric and use helmet to trace and roll around the back of fabric to get your rough template

Step 3: Step 3

Leaving quite a thick edge around your tracing line cut out and place over helmet

I started at the back add a small amount of glue running around te bottom rim of the helmet as a start making sure it will cover the while helmet in the correct places

Step 4: Step 4

When glue is set normally a few mins make a hole in the fabric where you wish to month the eyes

I used 2 whie socks brought for £1 and cut the toe area and stuffed the rest in and sewed them up to make them round but you can use what u wish

Step 5: Hard Part

Now use cable ties and push through the sewed part of the eyes so it can be seen and then thread through the hole in fabric and tie off

This was the easiest ways to keep them I'm place and when all stick down will keep them from coming off

Step 6: Final Step

Now carefully glue section at a time to the helmet untill all it covered

Wait to dry trim any excess materials and re attach visor and away you go

Hope you all like as said first instructable I've posted more to follow ;)



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    2 years ago

    No pics of it being worn?? ok it was your first 'ible so I guess we can let it slide. lol Great idea tho!

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    unfortunately not, id didn't occur to me at the time, but did get a few look when going through town

    decided to give it to a mate as he is a keen biker now and he wears it every chance he gets lol