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In today's life fashion has utmost importance and this makes us to invent or rather create more cool, trendy things. when it comes to fashion, the bags which we choose makes a huge difference. and all have to agree with me that we choose accessories like sling bags with utmost care. so instead of searching it outside, why not make one at home??

everyone loves crocheting, right?? so lets grab our needles, yarns of your favorite color and some hard plastic sheets or may be used plastic files to make a cool, funky, trendy sling bag.


hard plastic sheet (you can also use used plastic files)


crochet hook (.95 mm)


punch machine


These are the designs which we will follow to make this bag.

you need 3 different types of cutouts, out of which one should be of 3 pieces (rectangle one) as shown above and use our crochet skills on them.

further we will make a flower separately and join it later

and at the end, a belt for our bag.

the stitches used here are:

1. chain : Step 1: Hold the crochet hook, now with its slip knot, in your right hand and wrap the yarn around your left hand. ... Step 2: Bring the yarn over the crochet hook from back to front and hook it

2. double crochet : Yarn over, insert hook in the center of next chain, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook.

3. single crochet : insert hook in the hole of the can tab, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, [yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook] 3 times

Step 3: THE START..

first cut all the shapes as shown (one square, one rectangle with half circle(the half circle will be lid of the bag) as one side and 3 pieces of small rectangle)

you can choose the size of the bag as per your wish.

Step 4: PUNCH HOLES...

then mark circles on the edges of all the shapes and punch holes taking the marking as reference.


take the bigger rectangle and cut out a circle in the middle so that you can fix a flower (design of your choice) over there.

Step 6: FLOWER...

now lets begin with flower.

in the beginning make a circle of the chains.

for next round use single crochet stitch.

next round will have use of 2 stitches. first use double crochet stitch once followed by chain stitch twice. follow this alternatively.

then for the next round, use double crochet thrice and then chain twice.

the last round will have combination of single crochet and double crochet stitch. use double crochet stitch 5 times followed by single crochet stitch once.


to use crochet stitch on plastic sheet, first pass the yarn through one of the holes and tie a knot.

then taking hole as the center use single crochet stitch to cover all the edges.

single crochet thrice from each hole.

crochet all the pieces in similar way. also crochet the circle cut to fix the flower.


fix the flower in the center using chain stitch.

Step 9: ARRANGING...

the first picture will show you the arrangement of the pieces in order to make the bag.

using chain stitch join all the parts.

Step 10: FINAL TOUCH...

at the end make a belt for your bag using chain and single crochet stitch.

first make a chain (the length of your choice) and then use single crochet stitch from either side.

make a loop at the center of the lid and fix a woolen ball just above the flower which will help to close the lid.

Step 11: DONE..

done.... your cool crochet bag is ready...

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