COOL TECH GIFT!!!! Espesially for the Holiday's

Introduction: COOL TECH GIFT!!!! Espesially for the Holiday's

Here is how to make a great holiday card for anyone in the holiday’s (as long as that they have a QR reader or a Smartphone)

You will need:A Computer
                      The person reciving this will need a Smart phone

Try scaning the QR codes during the Instructables

Step 1:

First create a video that represents the purpose of the card E.g., if you want to make a New year video than chose a new year video. Then post it on YouTube.

Or you can do some thing diffent like make the leter alone.
In the letter you  can just go to and type it up there!!  Once your done that you can just Right click the image and save it on your computer Then you can distrubute it however you like e.g via EMAIL, Or print it, ext.

Step 2:

Now for the video options once you made your video and you posted it on youtube you can then go to and there copy your video's URL then right click it then save it. Next make a actual leter or virtual and print or paste the QR code then you can email it text it or mail it

(P.s tech savy means  tech smart )

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