In this instructables, iam going to show to convert a white  canvas to a cool looking one. I hate regular canvas shoes.
I had a number of old white canvas stocked up in my home,so I got little creative and created these cool shoes. They are easy to make and take about half a day to make .
I used strong fabric paints which I got at a local store, that makes them water proof and keeps the colour on the shoe.

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Step 1: Requirements


Step 2:

Take a pair of your old white canvas and wash them up.

Step 3:

After cleaning up, using some markers or pencils draw patterns of your choice on the shoes.

Step 4:

Then paint the rubber borders with the colour of your choice, i've used pink here. 

Step 5:

Then start painting thepattern.Here i've used dark purple.

Step 6:

Then I decided to use a lighter shade of purple for the patches to make it look  girlish and to make a suitable combination with the pink.

Step 7:

Then once your done painting dont forget to paint the laces.I have painted pink here.So now your done and your new cool canvas is done.

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