CPU Hand Warmer




Introduction: CPU Hand Warmer

Cold hands? Just make this Hand Warmer and your hands are warm very fast!

Step 1: Requirements

You will need:

An old CPU

An USB Cable


Stripping Pliers


Step 2: Mount the Cables

Cut off the micro-usb plug.

Strip the cables and cut off the green and white cable.

Mount the cables as shown.

If you've got a Pentium 4, you should follow this instruction,most CPU's with that age are the same as this one, otherwise try different pins.

You can remove the other pins if you want.

Tape the cables with adhesive tape or duct tape.

Step 3: Done!

Connect the warmer to a power bar to make it portable.




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    3 Discussions

    very cool project !!! but how do I find good pins to solder ? do I have to try randomly until my Pentium 3 becomes hot ?

    1 reply

    Use a multimeter to test if the pins are electrically connected. Than, run 5 volts into one pin and see how much comes out the other.