CR-Tutorials-How to Fake Shooting a Person

Adam accepts the effect from Noah Abram for How To Fake Shooting A Person.This video is only nine minutes long because there are many ways to pull off this effect

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    Perhaps just shove the prop between the arm and the body of the person, then just mess with the camera angle to get the effect you want. All of the gratuitous gore could be added later in post.

    at least, that is how I would do it.

    Just a quick FYI, the chair wouldn't fall over after shooting someone. Physics tells us that there would be an "equal and opposite" reaction for whatever happens. That means that the person holding the gun would topple over just as much as the person in the chair would, and we all know that you just feel some kickback. Also, just in general when you're making films: I would suggest that you write out what you want to say before hand and practice it a few times. It helps stop you from rambling on about anything and also from skipping anything and having to go back. Overall, good job,

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    Little info on ballistics, while it's true that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, there is some energy that the shooter does not experience, such as heat and other dispersed forces. The inertia of the weapon has a dampening effect as does the engineering of the weapon. The target does not gain those advantages, quite the opposite, the projectile is typically designed to disipate the energy into the target, consider that a target shot with a Barret .50 cal will explode while the shooter does not. It's absolutely true that an individual wearing a vest or other protective garment typically cannot be knocked down, but when the internal structure of the target is rendered to micro particles it continues in the direction of the projectile. A 40 mm bean bag round even though it is traveling at low speed will knock a man backwards while the shooter experiences very little energy, again because the weapon is designed to buffer the shooter and the projectile is designed to impart energy. Myth-busters is great, I love the show but sometimes their physics is focused on a desired outcome and they ignore other facets to get show time. The final factor is target reaction, how does the target react to being shot. Often prey animals will hear the sound of a sub-sonic round just before the projectile hits and will lunge in an attempt to escape or by startle reflex, humans do the same thing, to the observer the effect is the same. An armor piercing round will pass through a target and often impart a minimum amount of damage unless it hits bone. Large shot gun slugs will knock down and destroy any unhardened target with immeadiate disabling effect. Handgun rounds using safety tips or mercury fill can have simular effects. Its not arguing physics, Newton was/is the man, but there are many myths about ballistics that have not been busted but the FBI has pretty much quatified what ballistic effects are. Not trying to be a smart--- just want to inform Rune Cutter

    Thanks for the information.I actually saw that in a movie once so I didn't really think it through.I know I should make a script,learn it and do it but I only really ever get to do these after school lately so I don't get much time.Thanks anyway


    9 years ago on Introduction

    what did your neigbors think when you aimed a gun out the window

    no, i was just humoring myself. i probably should have added a smiley ;) it really is good instructional video though