CR-Tutorials-Landmine Prop


Introduction: CR-Tutorials-Landmine Prop

Adam's tutorial on a landmine prop

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    8 Discussions

    I enjoy watching your work. I like the way you think. You could also use a bunch of dead smoke alarm detectors as the shell. Save them when it is time to replace them.

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    DON'T use a smoke alarm! smoke alarms contain radioactive americium!
    (I'm sure it could be removed easily with proper precautions taken, I just don't want any kids to do anything stupid)

    Old smoke detectors used to use americium but that is less than .1 microcuries.  new smoke detectors do not use radioactive material they use a photocell.


    WARNING: Kids should only use empty plastic containers/tubs from margarine, butter or cream cheese as an alternative to make this prop. Leave handling of anything radioactive or near radioactive, including smoke alarm detectors to the professionals. Read some discussion here.