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Adam shows you How To Make A Bull Whip because he was requested for it.This prop is for filmmakers on a low budget.

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    I'm with Feebaroo. I made a bull whip by braiding parachord and then (I know i'ts lame) ductaped it to a piece of PVC for my son and and I showed him how if you got it fast enough you get that classic crack. Then I showed him ( for assurence that this is not a dud ) that you can get the same crack without it coming in contact with the ground. after that, I ran to the end of our very long street. ( My wife was very happy I got that excersice!) anyways he cracked it and I still heard it loud and clear. Instructable for it coming soon.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Site's being glitchy and won't let me reply to the specific person so I'm posting it like this:

    @tsukiyomaru0 The thing is though, the towel isn't a whip by no means. What causes the cracker to initially crack FYI is the torque from the thong of the whip, which Adam Winrich (who's a multi-world record holder) explains the anatomy of the whip and uses David Morgan's (professional whip maker) explanation of it. You can put a cracker at the end of something and throw it hard enough and it'll crack. But with a functional bullwhip, the torque works down the thong of the whip, which increases the energy from your arm as it travels down the thong of the whip, meaning the velocity increases. A good functional bullwhip can crack without wearing yourself out from a few throws. While you're right the cracker makes the crack, it's still not an actual functional whip. A functional bullwhip has a certain criteria where this guide doesn't meet. Good for a costume piece and not to mention safer for one, but bullwhips that are functional are a bit more dangerous. Scientific American posted an article on this in 2002.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     man love ur stuff made a like 7-10 foot one no kiddin man the sucky part is i hit myself in the back with it and it gave me marks but mostly its cool and i can crack it :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Agreed. I see a lot of these on this site, were it is more of a cord on a handle than an actual functional whip.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I can whip with a towel and it hurts a lot. FYI, what makes a whip different from "cord to a handle" is that they produce a noise that breaks the sound barrier. If you watched Mythbuster, you'd know. So, the cracker on the end of the "tail" is to "cut" the air and create this supersonic crack.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    A bullwhip starts quite thick and tapers to a rather thin end. Try turning a few more rolls of duct tape towards the handle making it progressively thicker. I believe it would give a more authentic look and behavior. Other than that, good use for duct tape.