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Uploaded project was designed and programmed by Rodrigo Mejías (Santiago-CHILE).

The product consists of measuring from a simple linear distance, square meters and up to cubic meters. Since we are using HC-SR04 ultrasound sensors, distances should not exceed between 3.5 meters and 4 meters long,and especially there should be no obstacles in the line that is registering the measure

According to the measurement that we select in the TFT screen menu, the LEDs will begin to flash indicating where each sensor should point, so that each distance registers the angle for square meters, cubic meters, or simply linear distance. After that, just make click on center of ROTARY ENCODER to Start collecting ("MEDIR option") each distance. An single 3-axis graphic will show each measure and confrimed by each LED that stays ON. And according selected Option in menu Mts2 or Mts3, results will be shown on top right corner.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials


1 Arduino NANO

3 HC-SR04 Sensors

1 TFT SPI 1.44" 128x128

1 Rechargable cell (18650) 1200mA

1 Battery charger (mini USB input)

1 Dc-Dc booster 3.7V to 5V


Laser cutting MACHINE

Machining Bench

Soldering Iron

Plastic adhesive

Step 2: Schematics / Plane Cutting Pieces & ARDUINO Sketch

Step 3: Full Sides CUBIC View

General view of assembled CUBIC and a couple more pics to show inside wiring.

Suggestions are welcome

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    7 Discussions


    10 months ago

    Can you provide the hardware model? Additionally, as for the .ino file, lots of head file need to be included, even if I found all .h files, I still cannot compile the Cubic_RM. Can you support more help? With a lot of thanks.


    1 year ago

    Hello, your project is very good!

    I would like to ask you to replace the sensor with three GY30 modules (IIC light sensor) to detect the two-dimensional plane?

    1 reply
    Rodrigo MejiasJieH2

    Reply 1 year ago


    Do you mean to make same cube but with GY30 sensors?.... If it is, I think is very possible to do so. From that point of view, you just need to replace HC-SR04 code lines for the GY30 commads to adapting CODE and measuring formula to read (Single line, Doble Axys or 3 axys dimension).

    In spite of HC-SR04 can read close to 3 or 4 lineal metres, I´m not sure how long GY-30 can read through light intensity.

    Best regards.